Best Cars for Students

Living on a student budget can be an immense challenge, but also a great prep time for the challenges that will ensue later on in life.

Considering all of the living, tuition, clothing, food and other expenses, splurging on a car is often not an option.

Luckily, there are several options on the market that both fit into a student budget, and are safe, reliable and likely not to break down the first time you take it out for a longer drive.

Here is out choice of top cars for students:

Nissan Micra

If the car in question is your first ever car as well, you will want something that is very reliable, and something you can drive with confidence. The Nissan Micra sports large windows that will allow you to see everywhere and spot everything, and its high-set headlights will always help you figure out where the front wheels are.

As the Micra is also popular with older drivers, you can find a model that has been well cared for and that doesn’t have too much mileage on it for under £1,500.

Honda Civic

If you are a fan of Need for Speed, you will love this car.

It’s small enough to be able to fit on a campus parking lot, or in the garage of any luxury student accommodation you have managed to snag, and easy to maneuver if you are an inexperienced driver, but is does have plenty of space to offer lifts to your fellow classmates as well.

As Hondas in general are known for their durability and stability, you can easily find an older model that will provide plenty of miles for your college adventures. If you choose and SE Executive model as well (with a bit of extra cash throw in), you can also enjoy the perks of remote central locks, leather seats and electric windows.

Renault Clio

The Clio will cost you a bit more than our previous models, but it will be worth it.

You can find a model that has cruise control and stereo controls on the steering wheel, and choose a model with either three or five doors. There is also an estate version, if you want to fit that extra suitcase in when you travel.

A Clio will cost you up to £2,000, but it will be able to take you out on the town in a bit more style, so this might be just the right choice.

Mazda 2

If you are looking for safety and reliability as a new driver, then this Japanese model should provide the confidence boost you are looking for.

It has a decent amount of backseat space, a petrol engine and is very sharp and stylish to look at, and it is also fun to drive, like most Japanese models. While it might be a bit pricier than the other models we have covered so far, its make and reliability more than make up for the price.


Finally, if you are looking for that ultimate small car experience, and are simply one of those people that dream of driving a MINI in college, you might be able to snag one at £3,000.

It is affordable to tank up, it has low insurance costs and it is overall a very economical choice, despite the initial higher price.

Of course, the MINI can be decked out any way you want it to, and the personalization can add to the car’s value at the time of sale, so it is often worth your while to make it a bit more posh at the start.

All of these cars promise affordable petrol and insurance costs, are easy to drive and small enough to fit into the tiniest of spaces, so make your choice and worry not about the public transportation system any longer.