The Use and Application of Synthetic Diamonds

Unlike natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds are created through an artificial process. Its creation process involves a variety of options. The most common being the use of either high temperature or high pressure.

The properties and functions of the synthetic diamonds vary depending on the manufacturing process details. Companies that Element Six will manufacture synthetic diamonds that meet your needs and expectations. The following are some key properties of this material.

The Mechanical Properties

Synthetic diamonds are exceptionally hard and a low coefficient of friction. As such, they don’t break easily. The product is therefore advantageous in mechanical applications. It will help extend the lifespan of a tool, reduce its downtime, decrease carbon footprints and operating costs.

Due to the low friction coefficient, using synthetic diamonds on all the cutting tools is quite effective. Their unique structure allows them to cut through objects easily and precisely than any other material out there. Hence the name, ‘super materials’

Due to its mechanical properties, synthetic diamonds are used in these areas:

  1. Aerospace

In any aircraft manufacturing company, its goals are to increase fuel efficiency and reduce the overall weight. But they could use an incredibly strong but lightweight material like mastercast in building an aircraft. So, if the materials are that strong, how will the drilling be done?

It’s simple, by use of superior wear resistance materials. Synthetic diamonds will be able to cut through these materials cleanly saving these companies time and money. The use of these low-cost materials means all passengers are able to enjoy a safer and cost-effective flight from one point to the other.

  1. Healthcare Services

The synthetic diamonds are biologically and chemically inert. As such, they can be used in extreme physical, chemical and radioactive environments. Further, these materials boast of a wider spectral band that ranges from UV to infrared. As such, using it for radiotherapy derives fantastic results.

It also has the capacity to revolutionize non-invasive surgeries. The fiber optics will deliver high power laser beams improving the precision of the entire procedure. The patient suffers less discomfort and the overall surgical time is reduced. Reducing the surgery time is beneficial for the patient, the doctor and the hospital at large.

Further, its anodes facilitate the production of ozone. Its production scale is appropriate for hotels, homes, and hospitals. In the end, the process is able to improve the quality of life by a higher margin than any other process out there.

  1. Construction Process

Any construction project must employ the use of hard materials that will withstand the harsh weather and environment conditions. However, the main challenge in the use of these tools is how to effectively cut them during the construction process.

Well, don’t worry anymore. The synthetic diamonds are very efficient at drilling, cutting and polishing any material.

If you want to use granite surfaces in your kitchen, the only way to cut through them is by use of synthetic diamond. The same happens when you have slate slabs on your farm or garden.