A Guide to Selling Your Car


Are you planning to sell your car? In the past, you only had to put an advert on the windscreen or the local newspaper. With the introduction of online sales, you have many options. However, the process is a little bit complicated. You can sell your car either privately or through a dealership. While car dealerships will guarantee a sale, the price will be relatively low. Therefore, if you do not mind waiting longer, you will get a better offer for the car. Here is a guide that will make the selling process smooth.

Prepare the Necessary Documents

When transferring car ownership, you will need the original documents, including the original sales receipts. Some buyers may also require maintenance records. Any pending payments on the vehicle need to be cleared, or you can arrange with the lender to pay later. Do you need to file any paperwork with the local authorities? Confirm the necessary details and prepare the documents before putting your car up for sale. A vehicle history report will also come in handy when dealing with potential buyers.

Set the Price

You can’t just look at your car and decide the amount you want. First, you need to do a valuation to determine its market price. Many online resources can give you a price estimate on the make and model of your car. You can also compare what other sellers in your area are asking for a similar vehicle. Most potential buyers will want to negotiate, so set the asking price a little bit higher.

Prepare Your Car for Sale

Do you want your car to fetch serious buyers? Then you need to impress them. That does not mean you spend money fixing every dent and repainting the exterior. However, if you can wash the vehicle and vacuum the interior, it will make a good impression. You can also have a mechanic inspect to ensure the car is in perfect working condition.


Including pictures to your listing will draw potential buyers faster. Therefore, snap several images from different angles. To get great photos, you need to shoot from a beautiful location with enough lighting. Post your adverts on several websites to reach a broad audience. Adding a description alongside the photos gives buyers additional information. You may want to mention special features of the car to stand out.

Take Offers and Screen Buyers

After making a listing, you will begin receiving offers from potential buyers. Ensure you screen all the buyers and call back those who sound legit and promising. Most of the buyers will want a detailed report and may even want to check out the car before making any decisions.

Test Drive

With a few serious buyers, you can organise a test drive in a public place. Go along with them and answer any questions they may have. After experiencing what it feels like to drive the car, they can make the final decision and negotiate the price. Before letting someone drive off with your vehicle, ensure they have paid the amount in full. After selling the car, you need a rental to use while looking for a new one. However, make sure you have a Car Hire Excess insurance.