7 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Old Motor

If you want your car to sell, you need to make it as visually appealing as possible. Here are seven simple fixes to upgrade the value game of your car:

  1. Wax it off

It is feasible to avoid spending fortunes on a new paint job by polishing your automobile with wax. However, if your old car’s paint has become so worn off that you cannot recall the original colour, look inside the door frame which rarely gets exposed to sunlight, and therefore retains much of the factory-finish coating. Hours of polishing may never get you the original colour, but it will notably improve it and will add value to your aged vehicle.

  1. Bright lights

Nothing announces a car’s status as a worn out 4-wheeler like grimy headlights. There are many headlight cleaning products available to make those weary headlight covers shiny and clear. However, if your contention is that windows cleaner can do the same job, then keep on updating your online ad because such products are not made for this job and cannot offer the results you desire.

  1. Batteries

Car batteries last about 24 to 30 months and you can put your used car on sale with a two-year-old battery, but it does not bode well for you as well as the buyer. When a car starts, it is solely running off the battery. Therefore, if the battery is weak it will start off the car marginally slowly resulting in more power consumption. Avoid such sale-killing demonstrations by opting for new car batteries such as this range of Yuasa batteries from Hardwarexpress. You can advertise that your motor has a brand-new battery fitted, which may make it look more appealing in the eyes of the buyer.

  1. Inside jobs

Take out those detachable floor mats. If they are cleanable, do so. However, if they have visible holes and stains in them you just have to buy a new pair, and thankfully a new set will not cost you much. After the mat job, scrub the interior. Clean the leather if there is any, get it repaired (by companies like leatherrepaircompany.com) when needed! Vacuum the carpeting. However, it is admissible not to use household cleaners on your car, except for glass cleaners on the windows.

This is because the materials inside your automobile are different from the matter used to make the carpets and furniture in your home. Therefore, buy cleaners that are made precisely for sprucing up a vehicle.

  1. Get your papers in order

Sure, your advertisement says that you have regularly maintained your car and everything is in functioning order, but can you prove it? For this very reason and to avoid selling your car at a subpar value, always keep a folder of repair records and maintenance on your automobile. This is because besides offering evidence, a systematic folder packed with maintenance and repair records demonstrates that you genuinely cared about your 4-wheeler and that is what a potential owner is interested in knowing.

  1. Avoid a scratch-and-dent sale

Do not think a dent is not worth mending as some minor scratches and parking lot brush ups can be reconditioned without incurring a huge expense. Also, many of these scuff marks can be waxed. Moreover, for dents there are credible firms that specialise in dent removal. If there is proper body work required then you are better off disclosing such information at the point of sale.

7.Shiny wheels

Shiny wheels appear new and can spruce up your car’s sheen and potential value. Therefore, take the time to get in there and clean out dust, dirt and filth from the wheels. Moreover, tire sidewalls can be swabbed with a tire shining product to extend them a new lease of glow.