7 Signs It’s Time To Junk Your Old Vehicle

There are a lot of good times to be had in a vehicle, especially if you own it for a long time.  It may be hard to say goodbye to your old junker, but it’s good to know when to pull the plug.  

It’s also good to remember that a junk car doesn’t mean a worthless car – indeed, if you’re thinking “I have no idea how to sell my car“, you may wish to take a look at how you could sell your car online to somewhere like InstantOffer.com. You could also take a moment now to read a little about how you can get the most out of your junk vehicle and when to give up the fight.  

If your check engine light stays on

If you have tried several fixes to get your check engine light to go off, you may just come to the conclusion that it will never go off until the car bursts into flames.  Don’t wait that long.  

A constant check engine light is a good sign that your vehicle is on its way out the door.  It’s a good time to consider finding a place to sell the vehicle as junk.  You can recoup a small portion of your investment by selling your car to be scrapped.  

Transmission troubles can be the end

The price of rebuilding or replacing your vehicle’s transmission can be pretty steep.  If it comes down to issues with your transmission, you have a few things to consider.  

If the price of fixing the mechanical issues on your vehicle are more than the vehicle is worth in the Kelley Blue Book, then you should consider scrapping it.  

You may need to upgrade your safety

You may drive a supremely old vehicle.  Even if your vehicle still runs, you may be placing your life at risk by driving an old vehicle.  

Outdated safety features and ratings could lead to unfortunate outcomes should you be involved in an auto accident.  It might be time to upgrade when your seatbelts stick and the airbag light is on.  

You need to upgrade your vehicle

Sometimes life is the reason you need to get a new vehicle.  If you’re driving a two-seater, you might need to upgrade when a new kiddo arrives.  There’s not enough room in your old sporty friend to tote your children safely around town.  

If you’re scared when you drive it

If you have doubts as to whether you will make it from point A to point B every time you turn the key to your vehicle, it is probably time to look into purchasing a new vehicle.  If you’re afraid to take the car on the interstate due to mechanical questions, then you may need to get ready to move on to a new vehicle.  

You lost the title for your car

If you’ve lost the title for your vehicle along the path of ownership, you can’t legally sell it to anyone else.  The best thing to do with a vehicle that has no title is to scrap it for junk. Take the money you get from the scrap, and put it into the down payment on a new ride.