7-Point Checklist on How to Find the Best Car Dealership

Owning a nice Ford car is the second-most expensive dream after home ownership, so the decisions you make to get this precious commodity are critical. This means that you should spend considerable amount of time on research.

When looking to buy a car, SUV, or truck, there’s a lot more to be done than choosing a manufacturer and finalizing a model. The real challenge is about finding a responsive car dealership that offers an excellent service, convenient operating hours, a fair price, and reasonable financing. This can be achieved by using software from companies like https://xtime.com/xtime-spectrum/engage/ to ensure that the service is impeccable and works towards customer retention.

If you’re looking for certified Ford used cars in Sarasota, the good news is that you have various options for Ford dealership Sarasota. By keeping track of the following checklist, you are sure to find the best ford dealership in the city:

1. Reviews

One you’ve identified some potential car dealers, you can start with checking the online reviews shared by people. However, do not rely on reviews posted on the dealership’s website. Instead, look for reviews on third-party platforms and social media.

Online reviews will give you some idea about the experiences of previous buyers, but don’t be overly sensitive with reviews. Nothing in this world is perfect, so don’t let a few negative reviews put you off a decent car dealer.

2. Location

Your dealership should be close to where you live. This might sound obvious but you can easily be tempted to go for an out-of-state dealership with the overwhelming options available online. Selecting an inexpensive, out-of-state dealership might save you some dollars on the purchase, but it could lead to inconveniences afterwards.

For instance, if you decide to use a financing program that requires direct payment to the dealership, traveling all the way to a different state will cost you time, fuel, and convenience. The same would be the case if you need any vehicle maintenance to be done at the dealership.

3. Contact Information

Among the most basic things to check on dealership websites is the ‘contact us’ or similar sections. Again, it sounds simple, but it certainly reveals a great deal about the business. A reliable and authentic car dealership will proudly include all information, including the contact details so that you can contact them. The dealer license class certificate is also often displayed by some auto dealers, while they are in business. If you can’t find the latter info, it would still be okay, but if you can’t find any phone numbers and hours of service, take it as a red flag. Not including contact numbers gives rise to suspicions about the dealership.

Besides that, contact information is extremely important for getting in touch with the dealership after the purchase. Since you’re likely to contact the dealer from time to time, you should have the phone numbers of concerned individuals and know when you should call them.

4. Financing Options

The dealership you select will also depend on how you wish to pay for your new car. For instance, you might want to go for a buy here/pay here dealership if you need low-credit financing, or stick to traditional financing in which banks get involved. You should easily find out what financing options they offer. If a dealership website doesn’t provide this information, move on to the next one.

Also, make sure you check this out first so that no time is wasted in exploring through their vehicle inventory and visiting them only to discover that they don’t allow your desired financing.

5. Reputation and Experience

The length of time a dealership has been in business in an excellent indicator of how it deals with its clients. No matter how much assurance you receive, dealing with startups always involves a higher amount of risk. Look for dealerships that have been around for a long time. It will greatly improve your odds of finding the right car dealership. If you have gone for a new dealership and have been sold a ‘lemon’ you will want to look into an auto fraud attorney Denver firm or a firm in your location, so you can see about which next steps to take. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone and everyone, so be as vigilant as possible to avoid incidents such as this.

However, experience is no guarantee of honesty. Even the most experienced firms have failed following a strain on reputation. Thus, considering the dealership’s reputation is even more important. To check a dealership’s reputation, try to identify patterns while looking through the reviews and obtain feedback from the dealership’s previous clients.

Pay particular attention to honesty, which is an ongoing concern with dealerships. The Future of Car Dealers report by KPMG found that about 65% of consumers in the US believe that US car dealerships are full of unethical practices. Hence, focus on the honesty metric when you obtain feedback from people.

6. Vehicle Inventory

If you haven’t already selected a Ford model, dealerships are great places to explore the models. This will give you a clear idea about the dealership as well. The best car dealerships will have a wide range of models available and you’ll find a lot of information on each model on their websites. If you’re interested in a model, call them up to confirm the vehicle’s availability.

Since you’re looking for used Ford cars, you’ll most certainly find a decent used car at dealership. The best dealerships will also share information about the used cars in their inventory.

7. Vehicle Condition

Since you’re looking for used cars, the condition of the car you purchase should be one of your top concerns. The sales representatives will tell you that there’s nothing wrong the car, but you should always double-check the vehicle you intend to purchase. When you visit a dealership after initial research, take your auto mechanic with you who can inspect the cars you place your hand on.

Key Takeaways

Finding a Ford car dealership is Sarasota is not easy, especially when it comes to purchasing used cars. Considering the 7-point checklist mentioned above will improve your chances of reaching a good, if not perfect, car dealership. A good dealership will not only help you with the purchase, but also offer the best after-sales services such as car maintenance and repairs.

Also, when you need another vehicle, it will expedite the entire process and you won’t have to conduct the initial research all over again. We hope that you find the best Ford dealership in Sarasota.

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Don has a decade in automotive service and customization in his CV, being a Ford Certified Technician. He enjoys spending time with his 3 kids, and working on his customized Ford Transit Van 150.