5 Ways an Attorney Can Help You Win a Bigger Settlement Following Your Car Accident

Most people do not work in the insurance or legal professions. It is common when someone experiences a car accident to feel overwhelmed by being thrust into a world they don’t understand. People should realize making an innocent mistake during the settlement process could cost them a significant amount of money. This is when the services of an attorney are important. If you’ve been in an accident, you will need to find dui lawyers in Springfield Illinois way, for example, you should make a search for car accident attorneys near you. They will know what is necessary for a car accident victim to get the best settlement possible.

  1. Demand Letter

Attorneys like the ones at Coye Law Firm’s legal services and others will know how to analyze the details of a person’s case and determine the value of it. This will enable them to send an insurance adjuster a demand letter to inform them of the desired settlement amount for the accident. This figure is part of the negotiating process. It starts at the very high end of what is acceptable. An attorney will anticipate an adjuster to try and negotiate the figure down. Their experience will enable them to know the proper figure to start negotiations with so the desired amount can be obtained.

  1. Damages

An attorney knows there are two types of damages a car accident victim could be entitled to receive. There are general damages and special damages. A car accident victim is entitled to receive compensation for special damages. These damages are easy to quantify with a dollar amount. It will include compensation for lost income opportunities, medical treatments as well as lost wages and any other type of economic loss caused by the accident. An attorney also knows when a car accident victim is entitled to general damages. This consist of losses that are not easily quantified. These damages could involve compensation for pain and suffering, loss of companionship, enjoyment of life and more.

  1. Lawsuit

It is possible for an insurance company to refuse to negotiate a settlement amount. They may believe a settlement asked by the accident victim is too much and refuse to pay it. The case could then be taken to a court-appointed mediator. If this does not provide an acceptable result, an attorney may tell the car accident victim it is time to file a lawsuit. This is a last resort but an attorney will know how to handle the entire process. They’ll know what is necessary for a car accident victim to win a lawsuit.

  1. Fault

One of the things that will happen after a car accident is that fault for it will be assigned. This can be used against a person by an insurance company to provide a low settlement amount. It is possible for a person to be assigned fault in a car accident and not agree with this determination. Both the defendant and the accuser must find the best car accident lawyer they can as they will know how to present the facts of a case and successfully challenge the determination of fault in a car accident.

  1. Navigating Legal System

The legal system involving insurance law in the United States is complicated. Attorneys are professionals who have dedicated their careers to navigating this system on behalf of their clients. An insurance company will also have attorneys working for them who knows how the legal system works. A car accident victim needs an attorney who has the experience and knowledge necessary to let them know what the legal system will require of them.

When a person has been injured in a car accident, they should speak with an attorney. Also, not just car accidents, say if you are injured as a result of a Brooklyn bus accident or any other vehicular accidents, contacting an experienced attorney should be prioritized after getting required medical aid. These legal professionals can explain the value of a case and what would be necessary to obtain the best possible result. They will know how to protect an accident victim’s rights and more.