5 Tools for the Home Mechanic

There are so many different manufacturers and models of cars that when it comes to repairing your pride and joy, you need to ensure that you use the right tools and equipment fort your own specific vehicle. That being said, there are some standard tools that no DIY mechanic should be without. Therefore, if you have the tendency to take responsibility for any work carried out on your car, or would like to start, in the following post we will discuss five tools that we feel are essential for any home mechanic.

A Comprehensive Socket Set

This is perhaps the most basic set of tools all mechanics need. As a large percentage of your car is held together by nuts and bolts of various sizes, having a high-quality socket set will help you to take your car apart when you need to work on it.

Car Jack and Stands

It goes without saying that if you need to work under your car for any reason, whether it is doing something as changing the oil, a flat tyre or something more involved like replacing the rear or front brakes, you need a car jack. Car jacks are normally sold in sets with appropriate stands and are essential for raising your car high enough.

Complete Screwdriver Set

We mean more than just different handle sizes when we are talking about screwdriver sets with different sizes of these handy tools. You need to look for a set with different sized blades. If something you are trying to remove or fasten to your car needs a size 1 Phillips head, a size 3 will be of no use.

Wrenches Set

Another essential set you need for doing a large number of car repairs at home is a wrench set. Although we have already mentioned sockets, wrenches are a great alternative. There are certain scenarios and parts of a car where a wrench would actually be more effective than a socket. Generally, there are two main types of wrench sets – metric and standard. Metric sets will be useful for just about anything basic you need to do. However, it can be useful to have a standard set too, just in case, as some parts on cars have bolts that you’ll only be able to remove with a standard wrench. You can check https://serp.co/best/knipex-pliers/ or similar websites to find the right kind that suits your needs.

Car Diagnostics Tool

Although this is often forgotten about, a car diagnostics tool, often referred to as a code reader, is just as important as any of the other tools listed here. Although you can find a make-specific tool that’s right for your particular model of car, there are plenty of high-quality varieties that will work on a wide array of different cars. When it comes to cost, it really depends on what you want from your device. Some of the most basic ones can be incredibly inexpensive, with others the exact opposite. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed at the choice available, don’t despair and have a look at these car diagnostics tools.