5 Reasons Why You Need New Car Speakers

We love our cars and we never want to change anything about them. Well maybe there is something we may want to change.

Do you also feel the car’s factory speakers aren’t living up to expectation? Yes, they’re loud but they doesn’t give that kick we want.

This is normally why I tell family and friends to get new car speakers. After reading the Rockford Reviews I strongly recommend this brand.

I’ll give you five reasons if you have troubles deciding if you should install new car speakers. These five reasons have influenced others before. So be prepared to schedule an installation.

The Factory Speakers Are Aging

This is the most obvious reason why you should replace your factory speakers. Your speakers are old and the sound quality has deteriorated immensely.

Do your speakers sound as if someone is drilling through concrete? Or so you only have one speaker working?

No one should subject themselves to the terrible sounds of a broken speaker. You might even tell me that you listen to podcasts rather than music. Well it’s all the same. You can’t hear the topics clearly. Voices break up and you can mishear the host.

This is embarrassing if you want to inform another person of what you’ve learned, but what you said is wrong. You wouldn’t sound as smart than what you actually are.

There is no proper sync between the stereo and speakers. No matter how much you tune between stations sounds won’t emit.

Banging against the radio will not fix the problem. And I know most have tired this.

Replace your speakers if you starting to get these types of struggles.

You Get Full Range Speakers

What’s great about new aftermarket speakers is they’re equipped with other audio equipment. These make your listening experience more pleasurable.

For those that aren’t speaker gurus I’ll explain what you’ll find with new car speakers:

  • These are important because they divide an input signal into two or more outputs of different range of frequencies. Tweeters, speakers and subs will get the range of music they’re designed to play.
  • Subwoofers are perfect for the lowest part of the music spectrum such as the bass sounds.
  • Tweeters these are designed to deliver high tunes.

Cars only have speakers. These are mostly ideal for middle range sounds. And this isn’t what you want.

With new speakers you can hear the drums beat perfectly while the high singing voice can break a glass. This is the best sounds for cars.

Constant Research and Development

Sound engineers never give up on supplying the best possible sounds. It can take them years to manufacture the best music product.

If you take a look at the founder of Rockford—Jim Fosgate. He discovered that the human ear and music have different audio properties. So what did he do? He developed a speaker range that ensures we can hear the same sonic range as music.

This matches what we hear exactly to the sound produced.

All this happened in 1973. Since then other discoveries and innovations have further developed to give us pure sounds.

We get sounds that are crisp and detailed. You can easily distinguish between the lows, mids and high tones.

Car manufacturers focus their time on developing a new style car with the best features. How sounds are emitted is not a top priority for them. You lose out because you’re not getting the full range you deserve.

Even if your car is brand new and the speakers work well you can still replace them. You’ll appreciate the sound elevation.

Better Quality

Sound engineers also research and develop the best materials to manufacture speakers. I think this is great because what’s the point of having fantastic speakers that last a couple of months?

It’s a general rule in life, whenever you replace something you expect the replacement to be better and long lasting.

The materials also help the speakers produce high quality sounds too.

The best materials used to manufacture speakers are aluminum and chrome. They’re resistant to heat and humidity that a car is often exposed to.

When you travel for hours while listening to music the speakers won’t overheat drastically. The materials won’t cause the speakers to blow when they’re overused.

You can play any music genre at low or high volumes and you won’t put any strain on the speaker’s performance & durability.

Factory speakers don’t offer you the same benefits. If you play music loudly speakers can distort or blow. Even certain music genres don’t sound well nor reach their full potential.

Replacement speakers—from a well established brand—are always better quality

It Gets Better with Time

Another distinguishing fact between factory and new speakers is the sound quality of them when they ages.

As mentioned before factory speakers tend to deteriorate over time. This is not the case with aftermarket speakers.

I’ve experienced music sounding better each time the new speakers were used. Sounds are constantly improving which give you a rich music experience.

Music lovers will enjoy rich and constantly enhanced tones.

Before the Purchase

I advise you to consult an expert. He or she will inform you of the right speakers to buy that will fit in your car. Modifications can be made which increase the installation time.

You don’t need to replace your factory head because its compatible with most speakers. Get a Pro to install everything.

Are you ready to make the change? You have to be! Everyone I’ve persuaded has praised me that their listening experience is better than before. Your car rides can be fun and practically a moving music festival. Why would you want it any other way?