5 Car Upgrades That Are Worth Spending On

We all know how fond we are of our cars and making upgrades is not easy.

With constant new developments in terms of modifications and upgrades for your car, you may be confused as to which ones to go ahead with. 

From mobile ECU remapping to adjustable anti-roll bars, many modifications promise to improve car performance, better drivability and increase speed and power. While all of these guarantee better performance, not all of them live up to it.

Instead of investing money, time and effort to get substandard results, knowing about what’s actually worth investing in can ensure that your car is optimised in the best possible way.

With this in mind, if you’re looking for recommendations, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the best car upgrades that are worth investing in – they’ll give you guaranteed results.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. ECU Tuning Or Remapping

Although there’s been a lot of debate and discussion about ECU tuning, the pros severely outweigh the cons. ECU remapping is a great way to improve the overall performance of your car.

With many companies offering ECU remapping in Birmingham and other places like BSWC Auto Remapping, you can easily find a place close to you. Moreover, since most of these companies give you a walkthrough to help you understand the process, you know what to expect once the process is completed.

With the benefits of better fuel economy, improved torque and power, better in-gear acceleration and comfort, ECU tuning is an impressive upgrade many cars can benefit from. Although the procedure may be a little heavy on the pockets, the various advantages make it a worthwhile investment.

2. Limited Slip Differential

In present times, very few cars come with a limited slip differential that limits the amount of wheelspin. While many would go for a more obvious modification, they end up spending double or triple the price of what one limited slip differential is.

Instead of making unnecessary and expensive changes, leveraging what you already have may be a much wiser idea. Just how ECU remapping makes the most of what you already have, limited slip differential allows you to effectively use the power to get better results. 

With the faster cornering that limited slip differential allows by shuffling torque between the driven wheels, this upgrade is definitely worth the money.

3. Quick Steering Rack

Although this might not be suitable for every car, a quick steering rack of a high ratio turns your wheels faster as you move the steering wheel. An almost inexpensive and comparatively smaller upgrade, it is definitely worth adding to your vehicle.

A high steering ratio requires you to put in more effort to get the wheels turning. That’s why a quick steering rack makes it easier for you to manoeuvre your vehicle and improves your driving experience.

You can find a company that makes these specifically for your car or ask your car manufacturer to advise or help you out. By adding a quick ratio steering rack, your car will have a whole different driving performance.

4. Radar And Laser Detectors

Putting up radar and laser detectors can be considered a great upgrade for your car, especially if you have a family. The top radar detectors could be used to map and predict weather patterns, contributing to a hassle-free travel experience.

Some of the top radar detectors are even designed to track speeding cars and alert drivers when their speed is being monitored by police radar guns. So, this could help you become better aware of your speed and surroundings, keeping you and your passengers safer. This could also save you money in the long run by helping you avoid speeding tickets and similarly associated fines.

5. Brake Pads And Brake Lines

Brake pads hydraulically squeeze a car’s brake discs by using pressure and friction to slow down your car. An important safety upgrade, these pads can help you absorb big shocks or distractions to slow down your car on time more easily.

With this, you may feel the impact of the brakes a bit. To tackle this, you can also consider changing the brake lines from rubber to a more solid material like stainless steel which has a noticeable difference during hard braking.

Additionally, they are inexpensive and add to the safety of your car thereby making them important car upgrades that you should definitely consider.

To Conclude

While we’ve only listed a few, there are many more car upgrades that you could think about. The main focus when opting for these upgrades should be improving your car’s performance and making it more comfortable while driving.

With these upgrades, from better performance to improved safety, your driving experience is sure to be enhanced.