5 Best Motorcycle Camping Destinations in Canada

When we think about adventure we think about wilderness. The idea that the human race was not created for cities but the wild, is still under discussion. Most people talk about accessibility, facilities, and social life whereas, some still believe that they were robbed of an amazing opportunity for a healthy life. No matter what your prospect may be, we can all agree that camping in the wilderness is one of the best adventures that we can’t miss. Most people like to go out with family, others choose friends to accompany whereas some like silence and loneliness more than anything. For an introvert, reading a book while sipping some coffee as you sit across a beautiful stream is a true example of heaven. Whereas, for an extrovert, enjoying a full-blown party with friends in the wilderness can be an ideal adventure. Both these types of people may also want the company of our favorite green friend, cannabis, and preparing for the trip also means to Buy Edibles Online in advance. Some might say that nothing beats being in nature and indulging in this healing plant. In short, whatever you want or whatever your personality permits you, wilderness cannot be separated from a man. Being Canadian, we are blessed to be living in a place that is peaceful, beautiful, and offers all kinds of opportunities when it comes to entertainment. Amidst COVID when most people are stuck in their homes, a trip to the wilderness feels like an escape from the boring world. For most people getting out of the country or enjoying a party in LA might be on the list, however, with borders sealed for any recreational activities, it seems like Canada is our only option for adventure.

With the help of this article, we will help you explore some of the best camping destinations that are good for motorcycle camping and other kinds of camping. As a place filled with the most friendly people, breathtaking scenarios, and exceptional opportunities, we are here to celebrate the true hidden beauty of Canada.

How to Find a Motorcycle Camping Friendly Destination?

Most people do not understand the idea of motorcycle camping-friendly destinations. This is mainly because mainstream media talk about camping only and they do not highlight that bike culture in Hollywood is different from the actual camping and motorcycle culture. To make sure you find the best camping destination, here are some important features that you should look for:

For camping site availability of water is very important

There should be the accessibility of the internet and mobile signals

The camping site must be safe

The camping site must have a diverse natural life

The camping site and the route must have places to help you grab a quick bite

The camping site must have easy access to petrol or gas

The camping site must-have shade

The camping site must have predictable weather to avoid any unbearable circumstances

What to Add In Your Luggage?

When you are going camping but you don’t have a car, the luggage options get very limited. You cannot carry everything with you and you cannot think of relying on anyone else. It is a very good balance between packing light and function.

Folding tent

Portable camping stove


Fire lamp

First aid kit

Motorcycle tool kit

Sunscreen, shades, and hat

Swiss knives


Safety gear

Navigation devices

Sleeping bag

5 Best Motorcycle Camping Destinations

Woodland Finish Resort

This resort offers a safe destination to peg your tent without worrying about your safety as well as the safety of your vehicle. You will be able to enjoy some of the best and most entertaining activities including fishing, kayaking, boating, etc. for easy food access you will also have a café bakery nearby. This is a scenic and peaceful resort where you can enjoy leisure time with your friends and family without worrying about safety or getting lost in the forest. There is a designated place to park the vehicle and in case you forget something, you can buy it from here or ask the resort management for help.

Blue River Campground

Blue river campground is a designated campground where you can peg your tent or even rent a tent. The management also offers cabins so you can easily rent a cabin for your friends and family. This campground is located at the riverside just off highway 5. It is just a 45-minute drive away from Murtle Lake. The best thing is that you can enjoy some of the most adventurous activities including biking, canoeing, paddle boarding. If you like fishing you can also go fishing and you don’t have to carry the equipment with you. You can easily rent the equipment on sight.

Edson RV Park and Campground

This is a designated campground for bikes and RV trailers you can park your trailer and peg your tent right away. Also, if you are traveling by motorcycle, perhaps you could also bring a bike trailer along with you which you can purchase from sites like ListedBuy or similar classified ads pages. This can be beneficial since you could carry more camping gear. The best thing is that it is a pet-friendly site so you can bring your dog along. You will also have access to fun activities like golf, fishing, and food. There are small shops for shopping as well. The best thing is that you can also enjoy fast food at the nearby restaurant. For bone fire, there are fire pits where you can plan a late-night party.

Burney LakeSide Resort

Most people try to find a good place where they can peg their tent, others look for safety but there are a few who want to make sure they have water in sight. Burney lakeside resort offers everything. You can rent a tent, cabin, or bunkhouse according to your convenience. You can enjoy some of the most adventurous activities with friends and family including boat docks, boat rentals, firewood, etc. for people who like fishing you can rent equipment, there is a store selling baits as well. Another important thing to mention is the hiking trail where you can enjoy hiking. For the motorcycle enthusiast, there is a mountain biking trail as well. It is a full package that you should not miss.

Thunderhoof Campground

If you are looking for a good place for a weekend getaway, this might be the best campground to consider. It is a peaceful campground located near the rural creekside just 15 minutes away from Clinton. You can enjoy fishing, swimming, and other water sports with your family. There is Kelly Lake nearby that is safe for swimming and you will see a lot of water sports opportunities as well. The best thing about this place is that it is simple, you have access to some of the parks and the overall location is beautiful. If you need some help there will be plenty of people nearby or you can ask for help from the management. You can easily book your spot online at any time.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you will find so many different places for camping. However, not every place is motorcycle friendly. Although some various resorts and lounges offer a complete motorcycle camping experience within a safe space, living on your own in the wilderness is a completely different experience. All the above-mentioned camping destinations are good for all kinds of camping. For more details about the destination, you can check on social media portals where most people will give you a brief introduction and review about every place you should visit along with its pros and cons.