5 Awesome Car Accessories You Need to Know About

Every year they come out with something new. Each year cool car accessories include more sophisticated technology at more affordable prices. It makes you wonder how you ever got by.

Here are 5 car accessories making market news this year:

1. Mophorn 4-Ton Inflatable Air Jack 4×4

This novel device saves time and effort when you need a jack. You simply connect the included hose to your vehicle’s exhaust pipe. It doesn’t matter the terrain you the jack will conform to an uneven surface, including sand, mud, snow, or slopes.

The jack has impressive power to lift a 4-ton burden high enough for drivers to change a tire. Deflated, it packs neatly into a protective bag, But, its size and capability will surprise you. The inflating drum comes with glass-reinforced polyamide exhaust connector cone. Super-strength hoses connect with included adapter valves. Enclosed spikes prevent slippage, and the kit includes a durable storage bag, protective mats, puncture repair kit, and more.

2. Lifeline AAA Premium Road Kit

This emergency road kit bears the AAA endorsement. Every car owner needs one, and it makes a great gift. Edmunds notes, “When it comes to commuting or traveling long distances, a roadside emergency kit can mean the difference between getting back on the road and being stranded for hours.”

The AAA Premium Road Kit blends quality and size with many of the key elements you’ll need. There are 42 tools in this kit. (Even larger kits are available.) Among the tools are 8-foot 8-gauge jumper cables, duct tape, emergency poncho, 5 cable ties, a 25 piece First Aid Kit, and more.

3. Tvird Heated Steering Wheel Covers

These steering wheel covers promise comfort and function. Cold outside now or next season, you just flip on the 12V steering covers to warm your hands 95 F to 113 F. The steering wheel covers connect to the car’s vehicle energy outlet.


This version is copper-colored. In any color, it fits over standard steering wheels. It warms your hands in cold weather and protects the quality of the steering wheel from wear, tear, and sun damage.

4. BEATIT Jump Starter

Car won’t start? You might find a willing driver to help. But you’ll drive a lot more comfortably knowing you have a portable self-powered Beatit Jump Starter to provide the jolt you need to drive on. Reader’s Digest says, “When used properly, it’s the safest way to protect the electronics in the dead vehicle while providing enough boost to get the engine running.”

This unit also offers two USB ports for your mobile devices as well as a needed flashlight. Only 7.2 x 3.5 x 1.5-inches, this lithium battery contains a battery jolt of 800 amps (14k Joules35) permitting up to thirty jumps starts on one charge.

5. FOBO Tire Plus System

FOBO offers this innovation. It’s not just a seal for your tire air valve. It reports your tire pressure to your smartphone.

The price includes four tire valve covers that monitor tire pressure 24/7 and provides 3-level alerts. You can share the readings to monitor the tire performance on other family or business cars. Unit comes with a car unit, key chain, four sensors, two wrenches, and six lock nuts,

Simply amazing

Car accessories make your driver easier, safer, and more comfortable. With a focus on safety, you’ll drive free of worries.