4 Ways You Can Get a Good Deal on Your Car in Dubai

Recently, a lot of people in the UAE are moving towards purchasing used cars, increasing the demand for used cars up to 15% in 2021. This is because pre-owned vehicles make a more affordable option, especially for people who are experiencing times of economic uncertainties, and because with digitalization, transactions in the used car business are being executed much easier.

Sounds like a very simple and convenient process, right?

If you are a car owner in this growing market, here are a couple of tips for you to get a good price for the value of your car:

Make a great first impression

Let your potential car buyer immediately fall in love with their soon-to-be baby. Sometimes, you can win them over by focusing on the first impression they get from your car, which usually doesn’t refer to the technical details.

Clean your car before your show it to the world. It is also recommended that you touch up paint chips and repair dents. Literally, any type of cosmetic correction that improves the visual appearance of your car will play a great role in making a good first impression and therefore setting a good selling price for your car.

However, don’t go overboard making your car a piece of art, as art is subjective and your potential buyers might not necessarily be fans of zebra print car seats or a pink, fuzzy steering wheel cover.

Bring your car service history with you

Your potential car buyer wants to make sure that they are making a wise purchase and that this car will not fall apart 10 miles down the road.

Your job, in this case, is to reassure them that you have taken very good care of your baby while you had it.

The best way you can do that is by showing proof, and there is no better proof than a complete service history stamped by the garage to show that your car has been serviced on time, every single time.

This gives your potential buyer an insight into how much effort you’ve put in to take care of your car.

Be honest

To make them believe that your car actually deserves this sum of money, you have to gain their trust in all other aspects first.

Answer all the questions you are being asked and be transparent in how you describe the situation of your vehicle.

Your potential customers are going to want to know the littlest detail about the car they are about to purchase.

So, if you answer with ambiguity, you’re not only delaying the sale, but you are also pushing away prospective buyers who would’ve really wanted to purchase your car.

Instead, if you call out all the flaws and problems your car has in advance, they will think to themselves,” Wow, he is trustworthy!”

There is nothing a customer hates more than being lied to. They never want to feel like they’ve lost a match, so if you are able to convince them that this is the best deal they’ll stumble upon, they will happily make their purchase. Remember, it’s all about technique.

Let your potential buyer test drive the car

Making a car purchase isn’t all facts and figures. Your potential car buyer can know the car model they want and from which dealership they will get it, and you can still convince them to change their mind.

Unlike you are told a car purchase needs to be, it cannot but involve emotions in making the decision to buy or not to buy.

You can hop in your car with the potential buyer and let them take it on a nice ride. Build a connection between the customer and their potential vehicle; let them realize the value of this car.

When the test drive is done, tell them, “You’re going to love driving this baby around Dubai.” Or when you’re about to park, tell them, “Should we park in the sold row?”

If you use your words smartly, you can seal the deal just this easily.

Every car owner who wants to sell their car hopes to do that in no time and earn the best price possible in return. You probably know by now that this isn’t the easiest task ever. So, if you want to sell any car in Dubai, we’re talking used cars, follow the tips we’ve mentioned above to enjoy an absolutely convenient and fast process.

Author: Mohamad Omari from CarWise.ae