4 Tips to Follow When Purchasing a Used Car

When you’ve saved enough Rand to buy a used vehicle, you get to go on a very exciting quest. Undoubtedly, you’ll compare all used cars that are closest to your home in the hopes that you can find a dependable vehicle quickly. After that, you may consider traveling out a bit further to visit various used vehicles for a test drive.

Shopping for used cars for sale is kind of like being a kid in a sweet shop who’s able to sample, test, and compare a variety of candy. So that you don’t get overwhelmed or choose the model with the shiniest exterior, here are four tips that will allow you to choose a used car that has all the features you need.

1. Consider Vehicle Mileage

Well-built cars can last hundreds of thousands of kilometers. On the other hand, once a vehicle begins to accumulate mileage, you can also expect it to need a bit more maintenance. If you are looking at various used cars, always pay attention to their mileage before you immediately jump to the price. Given that there are mileage tracking apps such as MileIQ (https://mileiq.com/) available, checking the mileage of the car you want to buy shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, realize that used vehicles will, overall, be priced cheaper if they have higher mileage as well.

2. Pay Attention to Car History

Another factor that needs to be factored in during your quest for a used car is vehicle history. Compare everything from service records to vehicle owners and accident reports. The best-used cars are well kept, have been in a few accidents, and have vehicle servicing reports that can prove that all maintenance has been done on time. In other words, the car that you buy should come from owners that cared for it well.

3. Compare Used Car Prices

Now it’s time to get down to business. Obviously, you can’t compare used cars for sale that are outside of your budget, but you should actually buy as many cars as you can afford. Forget about getting an extended warranty or roadside assistance membership for now. Just look for cars that have a reasonable amount of mileage, haven’t been crashed and rebuilt several times, and have service reports that match up. This will enable you to find the best quality cars and end your search a little quicker.

4. Ask Your Mechanic for a Second Opinion

Once you have a car in mind you should make your interest known so that negotiations with the seller may begin. Prior to putting down a deposit or making a verbal promise to buy, summon your mechanic. Used cars need a thorough examination by a licensed professional if you’re going to buy with confidence. Even if your mechanic does find something that needs to be changed or upgraded, you don’t need to walk away without making a purchase. Instead, see if the seller is willing to sell the used car for slightly less.

Great quality used cars can sell fast, but the good news is that there are generally more that come up for sale shortly after. Take your time as you look at different used cars and you’ll get one at a fair and reasonable price listing. Although buying a used car with a beautiful exterior is nice, you want to look under the bonnet first and foremost.