4 Reasons to Scrap Your Old Vans and Invest in a New Fleet

We understand the motivation it takes to replace an entire fleet of vans. You need to go through the inconvenience of making the switch-over and the expense of buying or simply leasing new vehicles. However, you can’t rely on any van forever; the older your business fleet gets, the more sense it makes to have your ancient vans scrapped to make room for new ones.

Here are just four reasons why that’s a good idea.

  1. Project a Better Image

Whether you deal with the public or with other businesses, there’s no denying that your vans say something about what to expect. If your team keeps turning up in older vans, you won’t be projecting a very strong image. It’s not logical, but some people will assume that a business happy to use outdated vehicles is also happy to offer subpar service or products, and those precious first impressions can be hard to change. To convey a positive brand image to customers, it is best to replace outdated vehicles with new ones. Additionally, you can also work with a company that provides vehicle wraps Winston Salem (or wherever your business is located) to make your fleet stand out with colorful branding, and hence attract more attention.

  1. Attract More Experienced People

Your business might use vans, but it runs on people. Many potential drivers and other employees will have a choice of where to work, and they’re more likely to go with you when you can provide vehicles of a decent quality. If you hang onto your older vehicles, you could alienate potential employees.

  1. Enjoy Lower Fuel Costs

Older vehicles tend to run less efficiently than newer ones. That’s partly down to general wear and tear, but you also need to account for the fact that modern vehicles use up-to-date powertrain technologies and designs to maximize efficiency. Moreover, with the rise in the popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles, businesses can switch to these, more environmental options, as opposed to using traditional cars. With that in mind, businesses may have to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure on their premises with the help of RAW charging or other companies providing similar services. This can provide ease of charging the vehicles while the fleet is parked at the office and reduce overall fuel expenses. When you’re dealing with a fleet of vans instead of just one, the fuel consumption difference between old and new can really start adding up.

  1. Avoid Maintenance Work

Finally, older vans are more likely to require maintenance. That pushes up ongoing costs, and it can be hugely inconvenient. A van might break down without warning, leaving part of your network crippled and potentially leading to disappointed customers and clients.