4 Reasons to Scrap a Car that Failed its MOT

It can be tough to let go of a car. You might have had it a long time and created some serious sentimental value, or you might simply be unwilling to go through the expense and hassle of picking up a new model. However, there’s one harbinger of complete failure that you should never ignore: the dreaded failed MOT.

If your vehicle fails its MOT, you won’t legally be able to drive it until work is done and the car passes another MOT. Here are just four reasons why you should have that car scrapped instead.

  1. No Need to Commit to Further Work

You’ve probably noticed that automotive work can be quite expensive. If your vehicle failed its MOT, chances are there’s something seriously wrong with it, and that usually means extensive and costly work. Instead of paying through the nose to have your vehicle pass its MOT, it’s much wiser to have it scrapped. That way, you’ll make money instead of spending it.

  1. Convenient Pickup and Payment

You can’t simply promise to have your car worked on at the earliest opportunity and then continue to drive it around – failed MOTs don’t work like that. It’s a big problem since you’ll be without a car until the work is completed and the MOT passed, and that can take quite a long time. In contrast, you can arrange to have your car scrapped and then receive payment and have it taken away the very next day.

  1. Quickly Gets You to Your Next Vehicle

As mentioned above, you can’t continue driving a vehicle that has failed its MOT. When you scrap a car, you receive a cheque for its value right away. You can go straight to a dealership or private seller to pick up your new model.

  1. Saves on Future Expense and Inconvenience

Finally, keep in mind that a car that has failed its MOT is probably on its last legs. You can commit to having it worked on now, but the car could easily break down again in just a few months.