3 Tips For Speaking With Police After A Car Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, the immediate aftermath can be quite traumatic. Especially if the accident caused a lot of damage or someone was hurt, those involved and even those who just saw what happened can be feeling a lot of adrenaline and shock. But in order to ensure that everything proceeds as it should, it’s important that you call the police and speak to them about what happened, as the police can help you through this process in an invaluable way.

To help you learn how to best do this, here are three tips for speaking with police after a car accident. 

Take Care Not To Admit Fault

Regardless of whether you think the accident was your fault or not, you should be careful not to admit fault to anyone that you’re speaking to at the accident, especially the police.

In many cases, it’s going to be the police officer’s job to investigate what happened and gather evidence about who’s at fault for the accident. This can have a big impact on who’s insurance is responsible for paying for the costs of the accident. So regardless of what you think you may have done to contribute to the accident, you don’t know what any other person was doing and how they may have contributed to the accident. Knowing this, it’s best to just leave this to the police to figure out. 

Give Them As Much Information As Possible

Giving the police information about what happened and admitting that you were at fault for the accident are two different things. So while you don’t want to say that any certain thing about the accident was your fault, you do want to give them as much information as possible about what happened both before, during, and after the accident took place. 

Part of the information that you’ll need to disclose will include things like what injuries were sustained, where the accident took place, which way any vehicles moved, who may have witnessed the events, what damage took place, and more. 

Ask For Help And Information

Because the police have been to an endless number of car accidents and have helped other people in a similar situation as yours, they can likely offer you all kinds of information and resources in your current circumstances. Especially if you’re confused about things like where your car is being taken or who to contact for certain things related to your accident, you should be sure to ask the officers at the scene to get the answers to these and other types of questions. 

If you’re unsure about how to speak with the police after a car accident, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you know what to say and what not to say.