3 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Vehicle To Take On Back Roads

Not all cars are created equal. Knowing this, it’s wise to purchase any car that you’ll be using based on what you plan to be doing with that vehicle, whether it’s meant to pack your family around or take you on road trips around the country.

One thing you’ll want to be sure you have the right vehicle for before you venture out is a vehicle that can handle taking you on backroads. So if you’re someone who spends a lot of time on country roads that require an all-terrain vehicle, here are three things you should consider before purchasing a vehicle meant for this purpose.  

Know What Terrain You’ll Encounter

When getting an adventure vehicle, the first thing you’ll want to think about is what kind of terrain you envision taking this car on. For people who do a lot of hunting, you might want to look into a truck that can take you deep into the woods and give you space for all your gear. If you’re planning to crawl over a lot of rocks or boulders, an SUV might be a good bet. 

To help you make this decision, Philip Reed, a contributor to NerdWallet.com, suggests that you watch some videos of the vehicles you’re considering while they’re in action. This will also give you the chance to search through the comment sections to see if you can get answers to any questions you might have about how one of these vehicles might be preferred over another or better suit your needs. 

Opt For 4WD

Vehicles that are meant for off-roading can often be very expensive. As a way to reduce these costs, many people consider whether they actually need four-wheel drive or if all-wheel drive will suffice. 

In general, the type of off-roading you do will help you decide if you need four-wheel drive or if you can get by with just all-wheel drive. But according to Reese Counts, a contributor to Edmunds.com, four-wheel drive is going to give you a lot more power and allow you to have much more traction and control when off-roading. So if you’re frequently going to be on very rough roads, it’s going to be worth it to go with four-wheel drive. 

Consider The Angles

Another thing that you’ll want to consider when getting an off-road vehicle is how much clearance you’ll need.

According to Wes Siler, a contributor to Outside Online, the angles you really need to think about are the departure angle, break-over angle, and approach angle. These numbers will all impact how much you can lift your vehicle and how much clearance you’ll actually be able to achieve. So if you’re needing more clearance, get these angles to be as large as possible on the vehicle you choose. 

If you’re wanting to buy a vehicle that you can take on rough backroads, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find the right fit for your needs.