3 Habits That Can Help You Avoid A Car Accident


Although most car accidents are random and can’t necessarily be planned for, there are certain things you can do to help yourself become a better, safer driver who has reduced chances of getting yourself into a car accident.

While there will always be accidents that are completely outside of your control, learning how to have safe driving habits, and stopping those habits that are unsafe, is a great way to start shifting the odds in your favor. To show you how this can be done, here are three habits that can help you to avoid a car accident.

Always Be Looking Ahead

So much of driving has to do with reading what’s going on in front of you and then reacting appropriately. However, if you’re not looking far enough ahead, you could miss reacting to things that could be dangerous to you until it’s too late.

To help combat this, Melissa Martin, a contributor to EHS Today, recommends that you always look about 12 seconds ahead of you when behind the wheel. By doing this, you’ll be giving yourself more space between you and the cars in front of you so that you can make decisions fast enough to avoid an oncoming accident. At the very least, try to look about ten seconds ahead of your vehicle so you can actively scan the area you’re coming up to for threats.

Get Regular Car Maintenance Done

One habit that’s completely within your control and can help you to avoid car accidents in your future is to get regular car maintenance done.

According to Mila Araujo, a contributor to The Balance, when your car has issues with things like its tires, brakes, and fluid levels, you could run into major mechanical issues that could cause you to get yourself in a car accident. But by getting regular maintenance done and checking on these things before they become real issues, you can avoid most of these problems and car accidents that could be a result of them.

Limit All Distractions To Your Driving

In recent years, one of the most common reasons for car accidents is due to distracted driving. With so many things fighting for your attention in the car, you need to make it a habit not to let yourself get distracted.

To help with this, Kurt E. Gray, a contributor to KidsHealth.org, recommends that you cut out all things that could cause you to take your eyes or your focus off the road. This includes turning off your cell phone, not playing with your music or radio dial, limiting eating or drinking, and encouraging your passengers to stay calm and quiet.

If you’re ready to become a safer driver, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you develop some better driving habits.