3 Active Weekend Ideas to Try With the Family

Now that spring is in full swing, and restrictions are starting to relax here in the UK, there’s never been a better time to get outside and get active with the family. Thankfully, The Towing Centre, a towing and leisure industry based in Bury have curated three unique ideas to help families get outside and get moving this spring. Check them out below.

Plant a Herb Garden

Gardening can be very therapeutic, but if you’re not particularly green thumbed then a simple herb garden is a great place to start. It’s also a fantastic activity to try with children. Kids will not only learn valuable life skills, but research shows that if children take part in growing food they’re more likely to eat it.

Starting a herb garden is fairly simple, all you need is some well-drained soil, some herb plants or seeds and a container. You can also find Herb garden starter kits at most garden centres and online.

Remember, when taking up a new hobby or pastime the joy should come from doing the activity itself, not the result. Enjoy getting your hands dirty, feeling fresh soil in your fingers and the fresh air. Even if your garden does not produce any herbs the first time around, you and your children are still learning valuable skills whilst reaping the benefits of time spent outdoors.

Go Wildlife Spotting

Spring is in full bloom and wildlife activity is on the rise… So why not gather up the family and take a trip to your local park, woodland or nature attraction to spot some critters in their natural habitat? If youre not sure where top start, wildlifewatch.org is a fantastic resource for children and parents. Their printable spotter sheets make it easy for kids to identify wild creatures, flowers and birds.

Take a family bike ride

Helmets at the ready! A bike ride is a simple yet excellent way to get the whole family outdoors and active. Plus, the backdrop of spring makes for a wonderful time to ride.

Bike rides are great because they allow people of all ages to get active together. With companies providing bike rentals hilton head and similar regions, it has probably become relatively easy for individuals who do not own one to rent a bike. These days, even grandparents can ride with their grandchildren, teenagers can (reluctantly) ride with their parents, and couples can travel together.

If your grandparents are too old to ride a regular bike, you can always look for an american made e bike, which will be much more comfortable for them and will not aggravate their joint pain. If some family members need persuading to hop on their bike then try an incorporate some interesting stops en route. Young children will love the promise of ice cream or stop at the park while older children and adults might be persuaded by the idea of a pit stop at the café or the pub. If your local area doesn’t have much to offer, why not buy or rent a cycle carrier and take a trip slightly further afield.

If you don’t own a bike, there a plenty of bike hire schemes and companies across the UK including for people with disabilities. Check with your local council for more information on bike hire schemes.