10 Most Effective Ways to Improve Overall Vehicle performance

Whether it is a new vehicle or an old one, there is always ways through which you can improve its performance. But some improvements may mean that your car is no longer covered by insurance or warranty. For instance, the recommended tire size is mentioned in the owner’s manual and also on the factory installed tires. Then a friend or family member comes along and tells you that bigger tires would improve the performance.

You opt for the nearest tire store and buy larger tires going against the advice of the salesperson and the car manufacturer. If you are in the UAE, you can buy tires online at PitStopArabia. The company offers delivery and installation anywhere in the UAE. For the sake of argument, let us assume that the tires have been installed.

After driving around for a couple of months, you feel that the engine or suspensions are not working as efficiently as they should. Initially, the tires offered a great boost in terms of performance. You book an appointment with the manufacturer because it is a brand new vehicle. When they inspect it, they tell you that this is not covered under warranty because you opted for improvements that were not compatible with the vehicle.

This is more common than you would think. To avoid such problems, opt for improvements that are compatible with your vehicle. Therefore, in this article, we will be focusing on top 10 most effective tips to improve overall vehicle performance. These tips might seem insignificant but they will go a long way in improving the vehicle’s performance. Let us take a look at them

1.     Tires

The tires are amongst the most vital components of any vehicle. After all, they are the ones that come into contact with the road and are responsible for carrying the weight of the vehicle. One way to improve the vehicle’s performance is to opt for specialized tires from well-established tire brands. Make sure that you follow the recommended tire size for your vehicle. Tires from reputable brands are made with cutting edge technology and by adhering to strict quality standards. They can greatly improve the fuel efficiency, comfortability and overall driving experience. If you are in the UAE, you can get top branded tires from PitStopArabia.

2.     Air Conditioning

The car A.C. system runs on petrol. It can increase fuel consumption by 5 to 10 per cent. If it is not regularly maintained then the fuel consumption will go even higher. Besides this, the air you breathe in will not be purified properly. Therefore, invest in timely AC repair and maintenance. Otherwise, you are increasing your expenses and exposing yourself to an unhealthy environment. We would like to again mention that PitStopArabia also offers car AC repair services throughout the UAE. Their team of skilled professionals use the latest technology and tools to get the job done in the least possible time.

3.     Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your car consistently is a smart way to boost the overall durability and the performance of its individual parts. Take, for instance, the importance of regular oil changes, which not only extend the engine’s lifespan but also improve its efficiency. Likewise, keeping your car washed on a regular basis plays a crucial role in safeguarding the paint, preventing fading, and averting potential damages. Another essential aspect of regular maintenance involves adhering to recommended intervals for changing the transmission oil. Furthermore, if you observe signs of wear and tear in the transmission components, it’s advisable to visit a car service center for a Transmission rebuild process, where damaged parts can be effectively replaced.

4.     Limit Short Trips

Use the vehicle only for long trips. If the grocery store is at a walkable distance, opt for walking. Frequent short trips can take its toll on the engine along with the car’s battery. Also, you will be consuming much more fuel on short trips than you would realize. This can offset your budget. If you are facing battery problems in the UAE, then opt for PitStopArabia. The company also offers mobile battery services throughout the UAE.

5.     Brakes

Another vital component of the vehicle is its brakes. You need to make sure that they are properly maintained. Change the brake pads frequently and get them checked from a professional from time to time. Also, avoid unnecessary braking, especially hard braking because this puts unnecessary strain on them. This can reduce their performance and overall durability. Moreover, do not overload the vehicle as it will cause problems for the brakes and the tires. If you are in need of car brake repairand pad replacement services in the UAE, contact PitStopArabia. This is another one of their services which does not disappoint.

6.     Opt for a Reputable Workshop

There are so many mechanics, each claiming to be the best. But it is always good to do a little bit of background research. Ask your friends, read Google reviews, ask the customer service representative as many questions as possible. This will give you an idea about their working and what kind of service you should expect from them. Again, we would like to mention that PitStopArabia is becoming hugely popular in the UAE when it comes to automobile related services. Whether it is a sedan, SUV, or an exotic car, you can trust PitStopArabia for quality work.

7.     Fluids

Keep an eye on the fluids like engine oil and transmission fluid. Make sure that they are topped up to recommended levels. This will improve the performance and durability of the different parts.

8.     Warning Signs

The dashboard is full of lights some of which are related to different warnings. For instance, there is a light for battery, engine and other parts. Whenever a warning light comes on, do not ignore it. Get it checked right away.

9.     Car Detailing & Paint Protection

Regular car detailing and paint protection is another way of improving the car’s performance and overall looks. For instance, ceramic coating protects the paint from contaminants and other types of damages. Similarly, giving the car and its different components a thorough wash can help improve their performance. PitStopArabia offers car paint protection services as well.

10.  Lose the Extra Weight

Extra luggage/weight puts unnecessary strain on the engine and the tires. This can reduce their performance and durability. Therefore, if there is something which you do not need or intend to use, remove it. For instance, there are puncture proof tires or tires that can be driven despite being punctured. This removes the need for keeping a spare tire in the back.

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