10 Essential Questions You Should Ask a Dealership before Buying a New Car

Buying a car is a big investment, which is why you can’t make this decision hastily. Once you have done your homework and assessed the type of car you need to buy, the next step is to go to a dealer and do the needful.

People often end up spending more time negotiating and dealing with dealers than actually buying the car. Jane from insurance4motortrade.co.uk says, “The most obvious one – make sure the dealer has adequate motor trade insurance in place – especially if you intend on test driving the vehicle.” The wise thing to do is to prepare a list of questions beforehand that you want to ask your dealer. Here are the 10 essential questions you should ask a dealership before buying a new car.

1. Does the Car Fit All My Requirements?

There’s no point in spending time inquiring about a car that doesn’t fit your basic requirements. When people decide to buy a car, they usually focus on its appearance. However, if the car doesn’t meet your basic requirements, there is no point in buying one.

When you visit a dealer, the first question to ask is if they deal in the brands you have shortlisted and price range you are looking for. Figure out the type of car you want. Sometimes, your dealer won’t have the car that meets your needs, but if you want a new model, such as a 2019 Lexus UX for sale, then they can arrange the car for you from another dealership.

2. What’s the Actual Cost of the Car?

This is a technical yet important question as it determines the total cost you will be expected to pay. Most cars are marketed at their manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP), but that may not be the total cost of the car. Sure, it is the retail price, but you have to pay additional fees to buy the car.

When buying a car, you must ask the dealer the actual total cost of buying the car – preferably with a breakdown of the costs so that you can compare it later with other options or other dealers. The breakdown will include the actual retail price, state licensing fee, sales tax, etc.

3. What Are the Dealer’s Charges?

When buying a car from the dealer, you must keep in mind the additional costs. These costs include the dealer’s fee, documentation fee, and any additional services that you may be charged for. All these charges are negotiable while document fee may be regulated by the state. It’s wiser to do the research before going to the dealer so that you know what to expect and where to start the negotiation from.

There is also a handling, advertising, and shipping fee, which dealers charge if they are giving you the additional service. These fees aren’t official so they can be negotiated.

4. Are There Any After-Sale Services Offered?

It’s important to ask your dealer about the after-sale services or features they offer on the car. This could include extra features like tinted windows, auto recovery systems, or any other such equipment. After-sale services include warranties, maintenance services, or any additional amenities that you need to install. This could also cover your car insurance needs which some dealerships may offer. If not, remember that auto insurance is an important consideration when you invest in a car, and so it would be wise to contact a Missouri State Farm Agent (or one in your local area) to help you out on that front.

5. What is the Mileage on the Car?

If you haven’t already researched about the mileage and fuel efficiency of the car you are buying, you might want to ask your car dealer about it. It’s important to ask about the mileage, even if you are opting for new cars especially new Lexus SUV for sale, because showroom cars are often used for test drives. There is also a possibility that the car was brought in from another dealership. This is why you must ask about the mileage and ensure that it is below 300 miles. If the car has run for more than 300 miles, you can ask for a discount.

6. How long is the Warranty?

Warranty is another important thing that you need to ask your dealer about. You don’t want to end up with repair costs after just a short time period. Hence, you must know how long will the warranty offered by the manufacturer and the car dealership last. You may also ask if the warranty can be extended for an additional cost. If the cost is minimal, an extended warranty of up to 7 or 10 years is ideal.

7. What Does the Warranty Cover?

It’s important to know what your car warranty covers. Does it only cover bumper to bumper warranty or does it also cover additional parts of the car such as engine, transmission, and other parts of the car? You must also ensure that the warranty coverage and details are added to your contract before you sign it.

8. What Are Some Common Repairs on the Car?

Car dealers are aware of the repair plans for every car and model they are selling. Asking this question will give you an insight into the common repairs you may have to opt for once you buy the car. The answer will help you decide whether you want to buy the car or not. Dealers know the user experiences of the specific model you want; hence, they will be able to give you a clearer picture.

9. What Will the Terms of Payment Be?

Now that everything else is clear, it’s time to discuss the terms of payment. Here you will ask the dealership what their financing and loan options are and how the payments will process. This information is important as every dealer has different terms of payment that you must know before signing the deal.

10. Is There a Car Dealership Store Near My Place?

Before you drive off, ask your dealer for authorized dealership stores or repair services near your house. It’s always better to find an authorized store near your place.

Remember, you can’t just buy a car without thinking it through. Ask your dealership all the questions mentioned above to avoid making a hasty decision that you might regret!

Author Bio:

Shannon Garofalo is a Web Director at Lexus of Naperville, known for its Lexus dealership service. She has been working with the Dan Wolf Auto Group for last 8 years. While not at work, she loves to ride her 2019 model lexus gx 460.