This article helps you know the best 10 CBD oils for cats and dogs and what makes them the best. It also focuses on tips on how to find the best CBD oils for cats and dogs.

As the hype for CBD increases, it also features in pet products. It is thus not shocking that CBD pet oils for cats and dogs are part of the major brands dealing in high-quality CBD products. Are you here for the best vape pen for cats and dogs? This article is definitely for you. It lists the top 10 CBD oils you may buy for your furry friends and explains why they are the best. Besides, it shares the criteria for finding the best CBD oils for cats and dogs so that should you choose to go your way and look for the best CBD oils for cats and dogs, you know what to focus on to make your search successful. Here is all you need to know about the best CBD oils for cats and dogs, starting with the best.

i.                 JustCBD Oils for Cats and Dogs

The JustCBD oils for cats and dogs are among the best in the market, and you should definitely consider them for your furry friends. The CBD oil for cats features tuna and salmon flavors, just what the cat needs. Meanwhile, the Cannabidiol Gummies for dogs are cheese-, beef-, and cheese-flavored, and your canine friends will certainly like them. Depending on your canine friend’s CBD needs, you can opt for the 100, 250, and 500 mg CBD concentrations.

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ii.               Royal & Pure CBD Tinctures for Cats and Dogs

Are you looking for CBD oils for your canine friend? Royal & Pure CBD oils for cats & dogs will not let you down. They are 100% natural and organic and are prepared from US hemp sourced in Colorado. The CBD oil suits dogs and cats alike, and the site mentions that it can fight anxiety and pain and improve skin conditions. It features a 500 mg CBD concentration, potent enough to result in the desired effects. Like the rest of the CBD oils for cats and dogs in this article, the Royal & Pure Oral CBD Drops for cats and dogs are tested by 3rd parties, and the results are posted online for easy viewing.

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iii.             Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Oils for Cats and Dogs

Pure Hemp Botanicals first saw its inception in 2015 and boasts about 7 years in the hemp space. Its mantra is compassion is action, and it wills to offer quality, vegan, cruelty-free, and 3rd party tested CBD products that meet your needs. Its product line includes pet products. Its 300 mg CBD oil with a 10 mg/ml potency for cats and dogs is ideal for small pets just getting used to CBD. It also offers 750 mg CBD concentrated oils for dogs and cats, which has 25 mg/ml potency and is ideal for larger cats and dogs.

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iv.             We The hemp CBD Oils for Cats and Dogs

We The Hemp CBD is an American brand known for offering high-quality CBD and dealing in exemplary customer service. It also offers fast shipping and will not let you down. It deals in US hemp-sourced CBD products tested by 3rd party labs, with the lab results being posted online for easy viewing. We The Hemp 300 mg CBD oil for cats is great for your cat, while the 500 mg CBD oil for dogs is best for your dog. According to the brand’s website, its CBD products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and safe from contaminants. They are said to be good for joint pain, anxiety, cognitive health, and relaxation.

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v.               Evolution CBD Canine CBD Oils

Evolution CBD is a reputable brand known for offering water-soluble CBD products. It deals in many products, and one of the many items in its product lines is canine CBD oils. These are ideal for cats and dogs; you can buy them if you need CBD for your furry friends. Each canine CBD oil is 300 mg CBD concentrated, translating to about 30 servings. They are stored in 30 ml bottles; each serving is 1 ml with 10 mg CBD. They are cheese and beef-flavored, and your canine friends will certainly like them. According to the site, you can administer the oil twice a day.

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vi.             Palm Organix CBD Tincture for Dogs and Cats

Palm Organix takes pride in offering premium, all-natural, quality, and lab-tested CBD with fast and effective results. It offers free shipping for all orders to the US, making it the best brand if you want to save a few bucks. Its product line features 250 mg CBD for cats and dogs. It is free of THC, so you need not worry about the canine friend getting high. However, unlike most of the CBD oil for cats and dogs in this article, they are unflavored. Yet, they are effective since they are prepared with the endocannabinoid system in mind and are said to be good for pain and anxiety.

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vii.           Glee CBD Oils for Cats and Dogs

Glee CBD takes pride in helping improve people’s and pets’ lives naturally using plants and not pills. It offers many CBD products in beauty, skincare, and pain management. Its product line also features CBD oils for cats and dogs you may want to buy for your canine friend. Its 300 mg CBD oil is ideal for small cats and dogs, while you can buy the 500 mg CBD for larger cats and dogs. The brand uses US hemp to make its CBD products, and all the hemp is processed in an FDA-registered facility.

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viii.         Nirvana CBD Dog Treats

Although Nirvana has not opened a line for pet CBD oil, its CBD pet treats are among the best. They are 100 mg CBD concentrated and 20-count. Each CBD treat is 5 mg CBD potent, just enough to result in the desired CBD effects in the dog. The brand’s mantra is ‘natural relaxation, ‘ so it offers quality CBD dog treats all made with natural ingredients. The CBD dog treats feature broad-spectrum CBD oil, so they let the canine fellow benefit from additional hemp compounds without getting high from THC.

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ix.             Joy Organics CBD Tinctures for Dogs and Cats

Joy Organics is one of the reputable veteran CBD brands in the hemp space. The person behind the big name is Joy Smith, a grandma and a humanitarian. Joy struggled with sleep issues and would look for a remedy in CBD. Sadly, the CBD products she would get would not get her the results she was looking for, so she felt inspired to start a CBD line, and that’s how Joy Organics was launched. It is one of the best CBD brands in the hemp space and offers quality products. Its pet line features 450 or 900 mg CBD oils for cats and dogs. They are shipped for free if the orders are worth and above $50.

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x.               Leaf Remedys CBD Isolate Tinctures for Cats and Dogs

Leaf Remedys takes pride in offering quality CBD prepared from Colorado-grown hemp. All its products are free of gluten and THC and are tested by 3rd parties for quality. Its pet line features 500 mg CBD isolate tinctures for cats and dogs. Being isolates, they allow the pets to get the most from extra cannabis compounds without the psychoactive THC. Leaf Remedys CBD oils for cats and dogs are tested for quality, hence among the best.

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What Is CBD?

Since CBD is the primary compound in CBD oils for cats and dogs, you need to know it. Kicman & Toczek (2020) defined CBD as a non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis plants, majorly extracted from hemp. Non-psychoactive means CBD does not make you high, as confirmed by Bauer et al. (2020) and many other studies. Many have embraced CBD and made it part of their daily regime mainly because it does not make people high, like THC, a compound with a similar chemical formula as CBD. Besides, Watt & Karl (2017) noted that CBD is therapeutic, and many are after this therapy. Although there is insufficient evidence to prove that there is therapy in CBD, people take it anyway. Besides people, pets can also benefit from CBD. The next section looks at CBD in pet oils.

CBD Oil for Pets

Do you have a furry friend? Do you fancy CBD products? You may want to venture into the CBD world and give your cat or oil some CBD. CBD oils for cats and dogs are common and most brands offering quality CBD oils have a line for pet oils, especially for cats and dogs. Although this article does not offer medical advice for CBD for pets, especially cats and dogs, it helps you know the best CBD oils should you want some for your canine friends. Of course, you choose whether to offer your cats and dogs CBD oils or not. It is worth noting that a lot is yet to be revealed about CBD, and it is not surprising that while some vets may offer advice on CBD oils for cats and dogs, others may feel reserved and not say a word. Thus, the best way to approach CBD oils for cats and dogs is to invest in research and know the benefits of CBD oils on them and the possible side effects, if any.

How to Administer CBD Oils for Pets

Like any other product, how much your dogs and cats benefit from CBD oils depends on how well you administer them. In line with this, you must take time to learn how best to administer the cannabinoid and let your furry friend get the most from it. Most brands indicate on the CBD oil bottles that the preferred intake method is to administer the oils sublingually since the blood vessels below the tongue allow the CBD oil to get to the bloodstream fast, resulting in quick effects. Meanwhile, it could be challenging to give a dog or a cat CBD oil sublingually without agitating it. Thus, many opt to add CBD oil drops to their pets’ foods or drinks, although this means waiting for long before the effects can kick in. Alternatively, you can administer CBD oils orally to dogs and cats. This is easier with smaller dogs and cats, but as they grow old, it may or may not work, and if it does not, you may have to put the CBD oil drops in the meals of the larger pets.

How to Choose the Best CBD Pet Oils

With the many CBD brands in the CBD market and many dealing in CBD oils for cats and dogs, it can be challenging to know which one to choose from. Besides, the best CBD oils for cats and dogs may only make sense in theory. Many brands excel in specific areas but may not focus on one or two areas, compromising the quality of CBD pet products. That said, quality is key, and you must do your best to buy CBD oils for cats and dogs that match the value of your cash.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of cannabis products, it’s essential to consider not only the quality of the CBD oil but also the credibility of the source. Many reputable dispensaries consult legal professionals similar to this Washington cannabis business lawyer to ensure they abide by state laws and regulations, providing consumers with safe and compliant products. Apart from checking the legal credibility of these products, you should also want to understand the following to make choices you will not regret:

  1. Extraction method; while many do not pay attention to this, the extraction method used influences the quality of CBD oils for cats and dogs. Focus on clean CO2 extraction since it ensures no contaminants remain in the pet oils.
  2. Source of CBD; CBD can come from different cannabis products. However, the Farm Bill recognizes hemp-derived CBD as legal, so ensure the CBD oil you are offering your cats and dogs comes from hemp.
  3. Cannabinoid profile; many like CBD in full-spectrum formulation to benefit from extra hemp compounds and cannabinoids therein. You may do the same for your cat and dog CBD oils, although some pet owners would vouch for isolate CBD oils.
  4. THC content; according to the 2018 Farm Bill, the federally legal CBD should have less than 0.3% THC per dry weight. Ensure the CBD oils you give your cats and dogs do not exceed this THC threshold, lest you want your pets to feel high.
  5. 3rd party testing; since many brands offer CBD oil for cats and dogs, you need to shop from those offering 3rd party test results so that you are sure of the oils you are shopping for. The 3rd party test results help you know the cannabinoid profile and the relative purity of the CBD cat/dog oils.
  6. Contaminant purity; how pure the CBD oil is matters. Review the 3rd party test results and ensure the CBD oils you want to offer your cats and dogs feature no heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, organic matter, or other standard contaminants.
  7. Hemp growing practices; work with brands that practice organic farming to ensure your dogs’ and cats’ CBD oils feature no inorganic contaminants from the farm.
  8. Relevant certification; brands that operate in FDA-certified firms or use US Hemp Authority-certified hemp in CBD manufacture are more reputable, and you can highly trust their CBD products.

CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats Pros

Are you ready to shop for CBD oils for cats and dogs? You need to know the pros of CBD oils as a way of exploring CBD benefits in your canine friend. As mentioned early, studies like Watt & Karl (2017) report that CBD is therapeutic, and the furry friends could also benefit from it. Why CBD oils when you can offer them CBD treats? Many like CBD oils since they allow for effective delivery and fast effects. If you can administer the CBD oils sublingually to the pets, you can look forward to the effects shortly. CBD oils are unlike CBD treats that need digestion and will take time to achieve the desired CBD effects. Besides, you may also like CBD oils as a way of letting the pets benefit from CBD since the oils feature multiple means of administration. Sublingual intake is the most effective route to go, but you can also add CBD oils’ drops to drinks and foods, which is the most ideal, especially if you are dealing with larger animals.

Cons of CBD Oils for Dogs and Cats

Are there cons of CBD oils for cats and dogs? Of course, yes. Like anything with two possible sides, CBD oils for cats and dogs have their cons. The main challenge of CBD oils for pets is that it is difficult to administer them sublingually when this is the most effective way to go. The other thing about CBD oils for cats and dogs is that measuring out the dosage with precision can be challenging, and you can easily err. Besides, unlike CBD pet treats that are less clumsy, CBD oils easily splash during administration, messing up things and dosage precision. Knowing the two possible sides of CBD oils for cats and animals helps you know whether they are worth your cash or not.


CBD oils for cats and dogs are common among the major CBD brands, and many buy them for their furry family members. Do you have a pet whom you want to offer CBD oil? This article helps you know the best 10 CBD oils for your cats and dogs and expounds on what makes them the best. It also sheds light on identifying the best CBD oils for cats and dogs in case you choose to shop for them.


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